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Naason Science CRO (Contract Research Organization) - Where the next generation of preclinical research begins!Faster, better decisions - Based on knowledge of drug discovery and outsourcing experience, building the best integrated global preclinical services with an emphasis on innovation, reliability and commitment. Naason´s various preclinical modelling platforms are customized to suite the needs of drug developers. The platforms can accommodate all drug delivery routes as well as preclinical proof-of-concept for medical devices. From in vitro systems to large and small animal in vivo models Naason Science provides a tool box of state-of-the-art technologies the allow for rapid and effective testing of preclinical drug candidates.​​ ​The Naason process starts from an in-depth knowledge of the demands of global pharmaceutical development. It involves combining superior knowledge of biological systems and system dynamics with the latest preclinical disease models, highlighting the comparative and translatable aspects and using this data to highlight the way forward for a particular drug or a drug development platform. ​The data generated from our preclinical modelling platforms is designed to provide pertinent insight and better translatability in order to allow for easier decisions made faster. Faster decision making allows a reduction in the cost of research and development. Naason Science provides the tools to study neurology, oncology, cardiovascular and metabolic therapies in a way that allows faster and better decisions. Let us show you !

AD, PD, HD, ALS, Stroke, MS, PTSD, DMD, SCA, BattenPsychiatry 

Schizophrenia, Depression, AnxietyPain 

Neuropathic-Chung, CCI, Visceral-Endometriosis, Bladder, Chemotherapy-induced pain, Central PainOncology

Syngenic Melanoma, Xenograph,  Pancreatic Cancer, Glioblastom

Eye Diseases
Dry eye disease, AMD

Metabolic diseases

NASH, DiabetesSafety & Toxicology
Mouse, rat, canine, pig, NHP, ADME PK

Von Frey’s data generated from Naason’s Cisplatin Induced Peripheral Neuropathy Model (CIPN) – the model compares Von Frey response with Cisplatin and Gabapentin.

Naason Science is working industriously to present new pain animal models. We will soon be able to offer CHUNG and CCI models but also models for CPA-induced visceral pain and an endometriosis model with pain among the end-points to be studied.

Pain, both acute and chronic, remains a significant health problem around the world despite tremendous progress in understanding of its basic mechanisms. There is still lot to be done. Naason Science animal models of pain are developed and designed to mimic distinct clinical diseases to better evaluate underlying mechanisms and potential treatments. That’s where the next generation of preclinical research begins.

​Naason Science offers tools to study pain in rodents and larger animals. From in vitro systems to large and small animal in vivo models Naason Science provides a tool box of state-of-the-art technologies that allow for rapid and effective testing of preclinical drug candidates.

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